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Streets of MY

ABSTRAX is one of the big names in the Malaysian Streetwear scene. Started back in 2008 by Fahmi Fabilah, ABSTRAX’s mission is to introduce local teens to Malaysian street fashion. After two years running the brand solo, Fahmi met Dr. Faiz I. Anuar, who saw potential in the brand, and they became co-founders of the ABSTRAX. Starting from there, the brand has successfully built up their reputation over the years. The combination of Fahmi’s creative mind and the knowledge of Dr. Faiz as a management lecturer of UiTM has successfully made ABSTRAX among the best streetwear brands that never fail to produce a great line of products. Among their iconic collections is the collaboration between them and Malaysia Airlines, called #MASterpiece. Other than that, ABSTRAX was also among the first few brands who started the movement #Lokalah, a local street wear movement started in 2012 to celebrate the local brand scene at that time.

On our recent trip, we paid a visit to their headquarters, ABSTRAX Concept Store in Seksyen 16, Shah Alam, to see the man behind ABSTRAX, Dr. Faiz I. Anuar where we spoke about their ideas & philosophy of the brand. Get to know about ABSTRAX in our latest interview video above with Dr. Faiz I. Anuar.

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