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Photoshoot Sessions #RoadToAustralia

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Photoshoot Sessions #RoadToAustralia

Salute #abstraXarmy!

It has been 3 weeks of being an intern, Kino and I had a new experience already.  Sure you have heard about our incoming ABSTRAX x Malaysia Airlines (MAB) latest project #RoadtoAustralia.  In preparing for the anticipated tour, we were assigned by DR to prep a photoshoot session for the upcoming product release. Everything was impromptu for our little adventure of course!


Day 1 (19th February 2016) :

We were instructed to steam few clothes for the photoshoot later at night, and then, DR asked us to continue steaming at the Pak Sikat Studio which is located at Setia Alam.

We actually did not expect that Dekyah (Farahiyah Ridzuan) will also come that night for the photoshoot session as we were told earlier it will be the crews’ photoshoot session.  As an intern, this is our first time in handling photoshoot session and also to greet a celebrity once she arrived.  I was nervous of course (because I heard she is so darn cute).  When she arrived, my first word was “Hi!!!!!” and that’s it (SHE IS INDEED SUPER CUTE).  For your information, Dekyah is the Captain of KL Felda United and she is also an international futsal player.  Besides that, she is also being adored by a lot of Malaysians on social media.

After all the clothes are steamed and ready to shoot, we helped out our #AxForce team for the photoshoot, especially in terms of sizing and fitting.  Dekyah is one of the ambassadors for ABSTRAX and we need to ensure that the clothes look perfect and fit her perfectly.

The most exciting part is we both got a chance to have few photoshoots with her and all 3 of us were so awkward to do freestyle pose.  And Kaban (our photographer) LOVES to make us do that pose every time (we felt like a potato besides the beauty by the way).

Day 2 (20th February 2016) :

We left the steaming machine at the Studio, so we followed the list of collections to be brought to the studio. Later at 17:00, Dr. Astri came and told us that we need to help DR in handling the tonight’s photoshoot because he is currently outstation (literally jaws dropped when we were told about this). Dr. Astri gave us instructions on what we need to do for the tonight’s photoshoot (thank you Dr. Astri!).

We left the store as early as 19:00 because it is ABSTRAX’s policies to be punctual and everything needs to be prepared before the guests arrived.  As I was downstairs at the local mart to buy them few refreshments, the guests had actually arrived.  I was stuttering while talking to Kak Tisha (Beto’s beloved wife) and Beto but both of them are so nice and friendly.

Thank God Abang Fahmi was there too to help us for the photoshoot session because we both are quite ambiguous about what we need to do (noob interns, remember?).

The Aftermath :

After the photoshoot session is done. We are glad everything when well.  This experience had also opened my eyes about what are the importance of having photoshoot for your products.  Photoshoot session does not really meant for clothes, but almost everything these days needs photoshoot as people out there believe in visual. The way you present your clothes to the public’s eyes will define your brand’s identity.  Besides that, I never thought our little adventure would taught me something this time.



We are always glad we are the interns at the infamous #Lokalah, ABSTRAX because we got so many chances to experience hands-on training from this company.  This is just our 3rd week and we had many experiences already, the best is yet to come. Thank you DR, Abang Fahmi and Dr. Astri for this memorable experience.

Signing off,
The Interns

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