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ABSTRAX #MASterpiece v2.0 Production Updates

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ABSTRAX #MASterpiece v2.0 Production Updates

ABSTRAX™ X #MASterpiece Production Update


Writing this piece after a quick visit to ABSTRAX™ #MASterpiece jersey production factory in a distance secret remote location in Asia. We left KL last night and visited the production factory and it’s been a rewarding day. Oh well, straight to the point, we have some news to share with you. Our day here brought out with a good and bad news.

Firstly, we are extremely excited and pretty much satisfied with the end product. The custom detailing for ABSTRAX™ #MASterpiece jersey are in full production now, should be done by tomorrow. We’ve been able to produced custom handtags, stickers, transparent bag, and plastic bag to go along with every purchase. We’ve shared some pictures of them on our Instagram. See below for the post.

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Screenshot 2014-09-14 13.59.49


Screenshot 2014-09-14 13.59.46

Pretty cool, huh? This stickers comes FREE with every purchase of #MASterpiece!

Busy Day

It’s been a busy production day at the factory. Our dedicated tailors are working days and night sewing to meet the set date. They are working really hard to get the rest out as fast as possible. Here’s a snippet of the production visit.


Designed and Produced by ABSTRAX in 2014

At ABSTRAX™, we know you are very eager to have them. However, we have two issues we are solving that are affecting shipping:

Technical Sewing – For this production, the technicality of the sewing is pretty difficult. The jersey is sewed individually that requires time and high level of workmanship quality.

Sewing In-Progress

Sewing In-Progress

In addition, the production timeframe for the jerseys has been escalated faster than the normal production timeframe. Normally, the standard production timeframe is 3 months, and we’ve been able to get our supplier to supply to us within a month and a half.

Custom detailing for #MASterpiece

Customs and International Shipping – We will be spending a small fortune to air ship pallets to Malaysia and might face delays in customs and shipping. Based on our experience with the customs, it normally takes 2-3 days to get the customs cleared and ready to roll. In all, this is going to put us about 14 days (two weeks) beyond our expected first batch pre-order date (16th September) as promised earlier.

If you need to change your shipping address, no problem, just email us your info to info@abstraxjingga.com and we will take care of it for you.

On the very Brightside

As stated on our website, we earlier anticipated to start shipping on 16th September 2014. Unfortunately, we could not deliver the shirts on time. The shipment will be air shipped to us by 26th and we should be able to have all the pieces and start shipping on the 30th for Batch 1, and 2nd for Batch 2 onwards. We are hoping to start sending out the pre-ordered shirts first before selling them at ABSTRAX™ Concept Store. We will be selling #MASterpiece at ABSTRAX™ Concept Store beginning 3rd October 2014. For those who are lucky enough the meet the first pre-order batch. We can promise you that you’ll be the first to receive the shirts than the rest.

Busy day at the factory

Busy day at the factory

Our Promise

At ABSTRAX™, quality is our first priority which has obviously been shown in all of our products. We promise to deliver only the best. On behalf of ABSTRAX™, we truly apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused. We also truly appreciate your patience.

#MASterpiece In-Progress


#MASterpiece All Ready to Roll

If you have any questions or concerns, please address it to info@abstraxjingga.com or email me directly at faizwanuar@abstraxjingga.com Meantime, please check out http://bit.ly/ABSTRAXMASterpiece to pre-order the shirt. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this limited edition shirt.

Thanks again, for supporting ABSTRAX™

Faiz I. Anuar, PhD

#FlyingHigh this 30th September 2014


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