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ABSTRAX™ GoestoFI Pop-Up Booth 2015 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit 27-28 March 2015 Good news for all F1 die hard fans out there #TeamMASterpiece ABSTRAX #TeamMASterpiece Pop-Up Booth at SIC We’re excited to be given a change collaborate with MAS in opening up a booth at this weekend 2015 Formula 1…
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ABSTRAX #MASterpiece v2.0 Production Updates

ABSTRAX™ X #MASterpiece Production Update Hello! Writing this piece after a quick visit to ABSTRAX™ #MASterpiece jersey production factory in a distance secret remote location in Asia. We left KL last night and visited the production factory and it’s been a rewarding day. Oh well, straight to the point, we have some news to share with you.…
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ABSTRAX™ Ramadhan RoadTour #MY

ABSTRAX™ Ramadhan RoadTour #MY  We initiated ABSTRAX™ Ramadhan RoadTour last year, and it was an instant success. We became the first local brand to initiate such guerrilla marketing approach with one objective, getting closer to our customer – and make them happy. With that in mind, we are back again this year, ABSTRAX™ Ramadhan RoadTour kickstart last…
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ABSTRAX™ Concept Store Soft Launch

ABSTRAX™ Concept Store Soft-Launch It’s been one of our dreams to have a physical store ever since we started the brand. By being persistent and believing that one day we could open up our own concept store has been the key to what we achieved today. On Saturday, 21 November 2014 marks another achievement for ABSTRAX™, where…
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ABSTRAX™ X Malaysia Airlines /// Our Story

You must have seen our much anticipated yet controversial ABSTRAX™ x MAS Collaboration shirt. Much attention has been given to Malaysia for its recent #MH370 tragedy that, for some, especially those who are new to ABSTRAX™ saying that we are taking advantages, making money out of the most saddest tragedy in the history of aviation in Malaysia…
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ABSTRAX™ X MAS Production Updates

ABSTRAX™ X MAS Production Update First of all, we are extremely overwhelmed by the responses on the anticipated collaboration series, ABSTRAX™ X Malaysia Airlines (MAS) t-shirt. On behalf of ABSTRAX™, I would like to extend our gratitude to all fans who pre-ordered. The total pre-ordered number has surpassed the initial projection. We really appreciate your support. As…
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ABSTRAX™ | Our Response to @Brandwashed_

Dedication Especially for @Brandwashed_ This is our response to you (so called infamous brand police of Malaysia).    Justification Though we positively acknowledged your first feature on ABSTRAX “never-ending” crappy spin-offs of Fairey’s Obama poster (Unfortunately, to date, the demand for that spin-offs never ended and for that, the saga continues), we deserve the right…
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As promised, here’s an update about our past week’s travel: Our short adventure, exploration and experience in Bandung. Team ABSTRAX™ was in Bandung to monitor on the upcoming 2014 collection as well as to brainstorm ideas on our next production for Q2 of 2014. To be honest, the trip for me was an eye opener. We were…
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We know. It’s been ages since we last updated our ABSTRAX™ Blog. Trust me, we’ve been busy. Super-busy indeed. Nevertheless, we can promise you that we will furnish you with exciting news and updates this year. To begin with, let’s all travel to Jakarta and get a sense of what we went through. The videos highlighted…
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ABSTRAX™ IN THE NEWS – Kosmo MY. ABSTRAX™ was featured on the front page of Kosmo MY. Below are the excerpt of the news in Bahasa Malaysia. Enjoy! BERBEKALKAN segunung harapan dan selautan usaha, Mohd. Fahmi Mohammad Fabilah nekad menubuhkan ABSTRAX™. Perkembangan fesyen jalanan dalam kalangan remaja tempatan sejak lima tahun lalu dijadikan inspirasi. Cubaan Mohd.…
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