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ABSTRAX™ X Malaysia Airlines /// Our Story

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ABSTRAX™ X Malaysia Airlines /// Our Story

You must have seen our much anticipated yet controversial ABSTRAX™ x MAS Collaboration shirt. Much attention has been given to Malaysia for its recent #MH370 tragedy that, for some, especially those who are new to ABSTRAX™ saying that we are taking advantages, making money out of the most saddest tragedy in the history of aviation in Malaysia and perhaps, the world. Worry not, this writings is to clarify, if not share our story and justify some thoughts about the release of this much awaited shirt. 

Beginning: ABSTRAX™ #RoadtoJakarta #MHmoments #MHjourneys

Last November 2013, in a desire to represent Malaysia and expand our business market and networking in an international street-wear exhibition, ABSTRAX™ participated at the first ASEAN Streetwear and Urbanwear Exhibition, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The project was aimed to promote Malaysian streetwear fashion identity and further promote ABSTRAX™ products, manifesto and brand philosophies abroad and we were delighted that the project was sponsored by MAS, as the official airline partner for ABSTRAX™.

Together with MAS, ABSTRAX™ aimed at expanding both social media presence and broaden the marketing reach via the social media campaigns on YouTube, Instagram and especially Facebook about the event. The project highlighted both brands, and we extensively used MAS #MHmoments and ABSTRAX™ #RoadtoJakarta hashtags as the ultimate collaboration project concept, by promoting the closesnest of both brand to the heart of the customers via the experience flying with MAS. To commemorate the the beauty and essence of the collaboration, we designed a custom-product in a form of what we do best – t-shirts to be used by our #AbstraxCrew throughout the trip.

See below for the video snippets from our trip to Jakarta. The video were produced by PAK Sikat Production, the official videographer/photographer of the trip. Enjoy!

From the videos above, it showcased our short journey and experience abroad. We believed that this documented journey can be a source of inspiration to other clothing brands in Malaysia.

Moving Forward: ABSTRAX™ #RoadtoGlobal

Upon returning from Jakarta, our ABSTRAX™ Jakarta AbstraxCrew extensively worn the MAS shirt at events, roadtours and some public appearance. The shirt, we were have no intent to sell or produce for the mass had attracted many. Little that we know that the product we created for the event would lead to a massive interest from the public. The demand of customers asking for the shirts is beyond what we first expect.

At ABSTRAX™, we listened to our customers. We did the ground work in terms of licensing and permission. After few weeks of diligent corresponding work, we were really happy when MAS granted the permission to use their logo on our the shirt. And most importantly, we need to highlight that all of this happened way before the tragic #MH370 tragedy. Further, we have no intention to event dare to produce a shirt for such tragic event. 

The production of the shirt kicked off early April and we started the pre-order on our WebStore along the same date. However, due to some production problems, the shirt was delayed. Read more here http://bit.ly/MASUpdates. There we explained what delayed the production. The shirt pre-order is the highest pre-order product we had. Thank you for the support!

ABSTRAX™X MAS as worn by Beto Kusyairy

ABSTRAX™X MAS as worn by Beto Kusyairy

We are proud to announce that the shirt will start shipping Monday, 26 May 2014 to all customers who pre-ordered. We will also have a limited edition release of 50 pieces shirts at PropagandaFest, 31 May, 2014 at Dataran Merdeka Underground. Thank you again on behalf of ABSTRAX™ for the support.

Above all, this collaboration series is all about the partnership and collaboration between ABSTRAX™ and MAS and it has nothing to do with #MH370. is about offering experience through inspiring stories that create relationship and promote engagement.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, as ABSTRAX™ progress and evolve from #LOKALAH to #GLOBALAH

Dr. Faiz I. Anuar



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