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ABSTRAX™ X MAS Production Updates

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ABSTRAX™ X MAS Production Updates

ABSTRAX™ X MAS Production Update

First of all, we are extremely overwhelmed by the responses on the anticipated collaboration series, ABSTRAX™ X Malaysia Airlines (MAS) t-shirt. On behalf of ABSTRAX™, I would like to extend our gratitude to all fans who pre-ordered. The total pre-ordered number has surpassed the initial projection. We really appreciate your support.

As stated on our website, we earlier anticipated to start shipping during the first week of May (30/4). Unfortunately, we could not deliver the shirts on time due to some unforeseen circumstances including:

  • Production timeframe
  • Custom material availability
  • Technical production difficulties
  • Complex nature of the shirt design

The above challenges caused a long delay in production. Nevertheless, we managed to overcome the problems by working diligently (24/7) to finish up the production. Now, we are happy to inform you that the production has passed the printing stages and currently being sewed as we speak. Below are some snippets of the production journal reported by our team.

MAS Editted

ABSTRAX X MAS Shirt /// Production in Progress

ABSTRAX X MAS Shirt /// In the Making

ABSTRAX X MAS Shirt /// In the Making

MAS 03

Our tailors are working diligently in making sure that our ABSTRAX X MAS Shirts are sewed perfectly.

Good News

Like an old adage, best things come for those who wait and we have some good news for you. 

The supplier promised to deliver the shirts by the week of May 20th. We will then have to lock everything down to start shipping on May 24th, and we can promise that the shirts will arrive at your doorsteps by May 25th/26th the latest.

Our Promise

At ABSTRAX™, quality is our first priority which has obviously been shown in all of our products. We promise to deliver only the best. On behalf of ABSTRAX™, we truly apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused. We also truly appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please address it to info@abstraxjingga.com or email me directly at faizwanuar@abstraxjingga.com Meantime, please check out http://bit.ly/ABSTRAXMAS to pre-order the shirt. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this limited edition shirt.

Thanks again, for supporting ABSTRAX™

Faiz I. Anuar, PhD


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