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On March 11, 2017, ABSTRAX® collaborated with the #Lovelifest under Yuna Room Records at Setia City Alam Park. We were there from 9 am until 12 midnight. The atmosphere in #Lovelifest was fantastic. Our team was at the event site since 9 in the morning to make the preparations for our booth! But before that, have you seen our truck? Yeap! Our #XFORCE truck has a problem when we want to enter into the provided space. However, it was a useful experience for the crews.


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After a few minutes, the crews finally managed to bring our truck at a provided site. Our booth opens in two different places which are in the booth tent and also in our #XFORCE truck. Amazingly, many people came and supported us with buying our official merchandise. We sold our #Lovelifest shirt with an affordable price of RM60 to RM70 for short sleeves and long sleeves.

ABSTRAX® also had the opportunity to interview one of our customer called Ina.

Q: How do you think the quality of the clothes that we sell today?
A: ” Very good, I wear it right after buying just now. It was very comfortable and affordable for me! ABSTRAX® should produce their new design often. I will always be up to date with their new design.”
Q: Why do you choose to buy the limited edition Lovelifest merch?
A: ” Well, I felt like the clothes are officially released in limited edition quantities, so they are worth buying. Therefore, it will be a memory for me, where I will tell my friends that I’ve been to Lovelifest! (laugh) besides, I can also feel the advantages of wearing it because I was one of the crews in the festival too, so there was a sense of privilege.”

It was nice to see many people went to the event with their friends and also shared with their family. Our sales ended at 12 am, but there are still many people come to our booth and buying the ABSTRAX® x #Lovelifest limited shirts. Thank you everyone!! See you next year!


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