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ABSTRAX™ Crew 2015 Shirt Limited Edition Release

Straight Attitude Loyal

ABSTRAX™ Crew 2015 Shirt Limited Edition Release

ABSTRAX™ Crew 2015 Limited Edition Release Shirt 

Our ABSTRAX Crew shirt has been a successful product that we initiated back in 2013. Our first crew shirt was a hit among our fans and the shirt somehow lifted and conveyed the spirit of togetherness, family and attitude of each of our ABSTRAX™ crew. The success of the shirt was also tied up with the story of each of the crew we selected via our social media during TF3.5 in Jalan Kia Peng. The personalization aspect was also well accepted by our fans. Based on the overwhelming responses, we’re back with the new 2015 Crew shirt and let me introduce the latest design for 2015.



The latest design incorporates the philosophy of ABSTRAX. The Straight, Attitude Loyal philosophy is clearly printed on the chest to resemble the soul and closeness of each of ABSTRAX Crew as one family.  Here’s a brief description of the philosophy that drives ABSTRAX to where we are today.

ABSTRAX™ Philosophy

  • Straight – Moving in line in a constant direction, we believe in each other, work closely together, and be true to our principles and never give up.
  • Attitude – Have a good heart, be positive, and generate good attitude and character. Dare to be different
  • Loyal – We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. Stay together, demonstrate loyalty and live together as brothers and perish together as fools.

Shirt Design

The design was inspired by the three lines, italicized ABSTRAX™ logo and the 12° slanted red line on the chest and arm on black 100% Cotton 30S. Why 12°? When we designed the crew shirt back a year ago in 2014, we were in Bandung for production trip. The 12° is due to the fact that all ABSTRAX™ Crew is the backbone of the team – the 12th man of the brand.

Available in Black, the 2015 Crew Shirt will be on sale tomorrow August 8, 2015. 12pm at ABSTRAX™ Concept Store Bangsar and Shah Alam, BDB Melaka Store, and at our Tempatan Fest Seremban booth, KOMBES. The crew shirt is available in short and long sleeve with custom initial on right sleeve for RM3 each (2 max).

If you have any questions or concerns, please address it to info@abstraxjingga.com or email me directly at dr@abstraxjingga.com Don’t miss the opportunity to get this exclusive shirt tomorrow 8 August, 12pm.

Thanks again, for supporting ABSTRAX™

Faiz I. Anuar, Ph.D


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